Jagadhatri Puja 2012

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Jagadhatri Puja

According to traditional Bengali calender, the days are calculated based on sunrise & sunset. ‘Tithi’ depends on the rising & setting of the moon. The timing of Asthami Sandhi Puja is calculated counting ‘Tithi’. Sasthi, Saptami, Nabami and Dashami pujas are performed after sunrise even if they fall in the previous evenings.

Jagadhatri-puja 2012

2012 Jagadhatri Puja nirgonto based on Indian Standard Time:

Saptami: 20th November, 2012 Tuesday
Asthami: 21th November, 2012 Wednesday
Nabami: 22th November, 2012 Thursday
Dashami: 23th November, 2012 Friday

Watch Jagadhatri Puja update: http://jagadhatripuja-images.blogspot.in/


  1. debmdig says:

    Thanks and excellent effort.. I really appreciate it ..

  2. Chandan Kuila says:

    awesom e site

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